Shortened URL for your Webinard

Good afternoon,
We are going to advertise one of our webinar through print support.
However our actual URL is quite long, is it possible to shortened it?
Because I imagine that a redircetion toward an URL with our website is not possible.
Is there an in-solution from on24, or should I look for a service providing shortened url ?
Thank you in advance for your help.

You should be able to set up a redirect from a URL that you control to your event without an issue.
Another option would be to use a service like tinyurl or bitly.

If you want a super-short url then definitely use the Bitly or Tinyurl options Jack mentioned.

Alternatively, in the Registration tab of your webinar setup (if using Webcast Elite), if you expand the ‘customise audience url’ then you can create a vanity url. It will be much shorter than the standard audience url but depending on your On24 setup may not be short enough for print. You can add up to 10 vanity urls per webinar through that interface option.